In order to begin your project, you need to put stitches on your needles, which is done by "casting on".  There are a few ways to cast on, but I prefer the "Long Tail Cast On".  Follow our step-by-step video instruction and photos below! 

How to Cast On with Straight Needles
Reference for the below knit kit:

How to Cast On with Circular Needles
Reference for the below knit kits:

How to Cast On
With your left thumb in front of the tail, bring your thumb over and around the tail creating a loop.

Insert the needle up into the loop - don't remove your thumb just yet!

Wrap your working yarn (on your right side) counterclockwise around the needle.

Bring the loop around your thumb over the top of the needle.  Pull your working yarn to tighten.  Make sure that your stitch isn't too tight - it should be able to move up and down the needle easily.

Repeat until you have the number of stitches specified in your pattern on the needle.  The slip knot counts as a stitch!

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