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How To: Knit Stitch

Once you have cast on your stitches, you are ready to knit! 
Knitting is a method of creating loops AKA stitches, which in turn create fabric. When knitting, you will either use the knit stitch or the purl stitch, which can be used to create beautiful textures and patterns!
There are two different ways to knit - English and Continental.  English knitters hold their "working yarn" in their right hand and Continental Knitters hold their "working yarn" in their left hand.  We are using the English method! 
The below video instructions are shown on "round needles", which are wonderfully versatile!  Round needles are used to knit in a continuous circle, which is how you knit a hat or cowl.  Round needles can also be used to knit straight items such as scarves!
The knit stitch is the same on round or straight needles.  In addition to the video, photo instruction is below for both round and straight needles.
Follow our step-by-step video instruction and photos below.

Knit Stitch with Round Needles
To begin, you will have your working yarn on your right and make sure it is behind your right needle.  From this point on, forget about your tail!  If it helps, cut it shorter so that you don't mistake it for the working yarn.
Begin by holding the needle attached to the working yarn in your right hand and the other needle in your left hand.  Place your stitch marker on the right needle.  This will help you keep track of when you finish a row.
Insert your right needle up into the first stitch on your left needle.  The two needles will criss cross and the right needle should be behind the left needle.

Wrap your working yarn counterclockwise around the right needle bringing it between the criss cross of the right and left needles.
Now, for the tricky part!  Pull the loop around the right needle towards you and through the loop on the left needle.
Bring the loop on your left needle up and off the needle.  
Pull your working yarn slightly to tighten.  Make sure to not tighten too much or it will make knitting your next row difficult!  Continue the above steps to knit your first row.  Once you reach the stitch marker, simply move it to the right need and start on your second row!

Knit Stitch with Straight Needles