Once you have cast on your stitches, you are ready to knit! 
Knitting is a method of creating loops AKA stitches, which in turn create fabric.
There are two different ways to knit - English and Continental.  English knitters hold their "working yarn" in their right hand and Continental Knitters hold their "working yarn" in their left hand.  We are using the English method! 

You will use straight or circular needles depending on the project.  Reference three different videos below specifically tailored for the Smoke & Slate Knit Kits.

How To: Knit with Straight Needles
Reference for the below knit kit:
How to Knit Flat with Circular Needles
Reference for the below knit kit:

How To: Knit in the Round
Reference for the below knit kits:
How to Knit
Hold the needle with your cast on stitches in your left hand and the empty needle in your right.  Insert the right needle up into the first loop on the left needle.  The needles will criss cross with the right needle behind the left needle.
Wrap the working yarn counterclockwise around the right needle.
Bring the right needle towards you and down through the loop on the left needle.
Let the loop on the left needle fall off. Pull your working yarn slightly to tighten.
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