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How To: Invisible Join in the Round

In order to knit in a continuous circle, you need to "join the round".  You will need to "join the round" for both of Smoke & Slate's Knit Kits - The Super Chunk Hat and The Super Chunk Cowl.
There are a few methods to join the round, but I prefer the "Invisible Join in the Round" method, which will provide a very seamless look.  Follow our step-by-step video instruction and photos below! 

Lay your work on a flat surface and make sure your stitches are not twisted around the needles.  Orient your work so that the needle attached to your working yarn is on the right with the other needle on the left.  The bumps of your stitches should be facing inwards.
Insert your right needle up into the first stitch on your left needle.  Let that stitch fall off the left needle so that it is now on the right needle.
Grab "Stitch 2" on the right needle (pictured in photo below), bringing it over "Stitch 1" and off the the needle.
Flip your needles over and tie a knot with your tail and working yarn to secure your work.