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How To: Double Pointed Needles + Knit Two Together

Sometimes when knitting in the round, your needles will be too long.  This might be the case for the entire project or will happen when you need to start decreasing.  When this happens you can use a method called "Magic Loop" or use double pointed needles.  
While double pointed needles can feel awkward to work with, I recommend using this method if you're a beginner as they will help keep your stitches tighter as you decrease.  Follow our step-by-step video instruction and photos below! 

Below is an image of The Super Chunk Hat Knit Kit ready to begin decreasing.  
First, we will transfer all of the stitches from your circular needles to four of the double pointed needles (DPN's). 
Grab your first DPN and insert it into the first stitch on your left hand needle going down as if to purl.  Let that stitch fall off your left hand needle.  Continue doing this until you have 11 stitches on that DPN.


Now that you have 11 stitches on your first DPN, grab your second DPN and transfer the next 11 stitches from your left needle onto it.


Continue transferring all of your stitches from the round needles to DPN's.  When finished, you should have 4 DPN's with 11 stitches on each.  You will have one DPN left over.

Now, begin knitting in the round with DPN's and decreasing!  Knitting in the round with DPN's is the same as knitting in the round with circular needles, it just might feel a bit awkward.  Hang in there - the results will be worth it!

Before you start knitting, make sure that the first DPN attached to the working yarn is on your right.  You will start by knitting the stitches on the needle directly to the left using your leftover DPN.


Once you have knit 9 stitches from that needle and have 2 stitches left, you will do your first decrease.  

To decrease, you are going to Knit Two Together (K2TOG), which is very easy!  Simply insert your needle up into your two leftover stitches and knit just as you normally would knit a single stitch.


Now use the newly naked DPN to start knitting the stitches on the next DPN.  Continue knitting the stitches on each DPN and always knit the last two together until you only have one stitch left on each DPN.

Cut your working yarn leaving about 8 inches of yarn.  Thread this yarn through each of your four stitches.


Once you have thread the yarn through all four stitches, pull it to tighten.  Then, bring the yarn through the top of the hat and flip your hat inside out.  Bring the yarn through one of the bumpy stitches and tie a knot to secure your work.  Trim the leftover yarn.