Blocking is a great method to even out stitches and adjust the size of your project. To block, you will use water to set the final shape of your knitted item.

This step is not required for the Smoke & Slate knit kits, but if your stitches look a bit uneven or perhaps you knit your hat too tight, blocking is worth a try!  If you're happy with your project as is, feel free to skip this step :)

To block, grab the below items that you might already have at your house:

  1. Spray Bottle - Any spray bottle works... just make sure it's clean!
  2. Towel - This should be larger than your knit piece
  3. Pins - If you have sewing pins laying around, those will work perfectly!
  4. Soft Surface - Any soft surface around your house will do, as long as it fits your knit piece.  We recommend an ironing board, workout mat or rug.

 Once you have those items together, watch the below video and learn how to block your project!