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How To: Add Fringe

Adding fringe to the ends of a straight scarf is a great and easy way to add some flair!  Learn how to add fringe to your project by following our step by step photo instructions below.

If you are doing the Smoke & Slate Super Chunk Scarf Knit Kit, you have an envelop containing pre cut fringe - lucky you!  If you are working on a different project, just use leftover yarn and cut it into 4 - 5 inch long pieces.

Grab your first piece of fringe and fold it in half creating a loop.


Find a space between your edge and the first row of bumps.  Insert your loop up into that space and pull the ends through the loop.


Pull the ends to tighten.  You have attached your first pieces of fringe!  Continue adding fringe until you have your desired amount.



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