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How To: Add Ball of Yarn

Oftentimes, a project will call for more than one ball of yarn, so you will need to add yarn throughout the project.  If you are working on the Smoke & Slate Super Chunk Cowl Kit, you will have to add a ball of yarn halfway through.

Below are step-by-step photo and video instructions on how I recommend adding a new ball of yarn.

When you have about 6 inches left of yarn, it's time to add a new ball!

Insert your right needle up into the first stitch on your left needle as you normally would to knit.  Create a loop with the new ball of yarn and place it around your right needle.


Finish knitting the stitch as you normally would.


Tie a knot with the remainder of your old ball of yarn with the short piece from your new ball.  This should be on the wrong side (inside) of your project.