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Repurposing Packaging

I am obsessed with the kraft paper tubes from Paper Tube Co that I'm using for my Smoke & Slate Knit Kits!  It took a while to find the right paper tube that was sturdy and fit the Smoke & Slate brand.
Since starting Smoke & Slate, I've been focused on using sustainable packaging.  I ship every package (unless they are large wholesale orders) in compostable mailers from No Issue.  When I started working on my knit kits a few months ago, I was very focused on finding the perfect packaging that can be recycled or re-used!
Below are a few ideas of ways that the Knit Kit tube packaging can be re-used in your home!
I love lighting candles during the day while I'm working or at night to wind down.  I grab match books from every restaurant and have started quite the collection! The top of paper tube is perfect for storing some of my favorite match books!
I've been using the larger part of the tube as a vase for dried flowers!  I love how the brown kraft paper and matte black top look with pussy willow branches.
Share any ideas you have to repurpose the tube packaging - I'd love to see it!  Just tag @smokeandslate on Instagram.

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